Taylor Gang Designs pt.1

Check out some designs that are available for sale on Taylor Gang Clothing

This design is for all of my peeps that like to feel lifted when they first wake up.


The classic Pretty Fly logo mix in with some Taylor Gang Or Die Flavor


Cool design for the classic Taylor Gang’s phrase.


All Taylors wear Converse so it’s only right that we combine the two elements together.


Even though the government cancel funded for space programs. Taylor Gang is still in business with NASA.


This is part one of Taylor Gang Clothing Shirt Designs. Check out for more in the upcoming future. If you haven’t downloaded Chevy’s new mixtape “The Cookout.” I suggest you head over to Datpiff to download the mixtape now. “The CookOut” by Chevy Wood feature eleven all original songs. Wiz Khalifa is featured on eight songs on the mixtape so it’s a must download for all the Taylors out there. The tape have a nice barbecue roasting vibe to it. I can’t help but smoke some green to the instrumentals. I can hear Chevy Wood improvement in his rap. I feel like hitting the local Pittsburgh Mall and buying some Taylor Gang or Die Shirts right now. My favorite song on the mixtape have to be “Downfall” which feature Wiz Khalifa also. The beat on Downfall have a jazzy vibe that I really enjoy. I love how they incorporate the original sample with modern instruments together. Of course the theme of the whole mixtape is about having a good time. Downfall is definitely a song you would want to listen to with a group of high quality females all wearing Taylor Gang T Shirts. After you’re done listening to The Cookout, go cop some clothing from the Taylor Gang Shop. Wiz definitely murder his verse on the Downfall song. Too bad his verse was only like 8 bars. The next song on the tape is Napkins which also featured R&B crooning in the background. I wonder if Big Jerm produced the beat since Chevy shouted him out at the beginning of the song. The song is about attracting girl and keeping her satisfy with being fly. I would love to review the whole tape but I rather you listen to it for yourself.

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